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What is The 21 Day Fast Diet?

Simple. Effective. Family Friendly. Fast.

  • The diet consists of four 5 day mini-fasts designed to reset your palate and decrease ‘trigger’ food cravings.

  • Each day enjoy One Bite … a tiny cheat designed to keep you from feeling deprived.

  • After 21 days, you’ll have a better understanding of real hunger vs. appetite/cravings and be better equipped to choose healthier foods for you and your family.

  • Includes BONUSES that break down the diet step by step, information about speeding up your metabolism, sample grocery list and food logs, plus more for only 6.99!

Read what people are saying about the 21 Day Fast Diet!

“I applied this nutritional plan to my life and I have lost 37 lbs and counting! It is not just a fad diet, it is life changing!” -Cinthya

“Phase 1 was amazing and I am so glad that I did it! Within 36 hours of the fast from sugar I felt totally different – in a very good way. I don’t ever want to go back to my old sugar addict ways now that I know what it’s like to be “sober”!!” – Dee

“The diet helped me realize what I truly eat… I think this is a great start! From now on I will read labels and choose healthier, simpler foods. Hopefully little by little I can have a more balance and healthier diet.” – Edith

“I ended up losing 7 pounds!!! No cheese was the hardest for me, but I have been able to keep it up pretty well. I bought a bikini and I think I’m going to keep it in my purse as motivation to lose more. I have to lose 20 more pounds before I’ll put that sucker on!! I really liked giving up one thing each phase. I think it is so much more manageable and realistic.” – Casey

“I had a good experience. It definitely helped me be more aware of what is really in the foods I buy from the store. I eat pretty healthy in general, but I now pay more attention to the amount of sugar, etc in the foods I buy.” – Kassandra

“I feel great! And, as far as the food goes, I feel good about what I am eating. I thought I ate a pretty healthy diet before, but it didn’t compare to this. The sugar thing was a big eye-opener! And I haven’t eaten this much whole grains in a long time. I hope I continue to feel this well–and lose some more pounds.” – Diana

And if you’re still not sure if you even have a SWA, watch this video. It just might help.

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